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Entry #1

i am a full blooded super saiyan. except my hair doesnt turn yellow, and i prefer it that way.

2010-04-28 18:29:56 by truemansaiyan

my artistic enjoyment and talents know no bounds. although not vary musical, my art of fury is vary dramatic. anime is a lifestyle that i claim as my omen to life. and i have black blood thanks to cigarettes and their ways of putting smoke in my lungs. yes, a vary lead filled mech that has an unfulfillable hunger for paper and cartoons.


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2010-04-28 18:50:46

my tablet pen broke due to an onslaught of evil that cannot be comprehended by any mortal. but it will be of no matter since i shall make some new masterpieces some point. once i decide to start drawing on smaller pieces of paper, which is not soon. but itll happen. sigh. !